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Green plumbing, although not typically green in the sense of the word, uses a system of installation that does not require the use of chemicals, solder, brazing or other products to put the piping together. Benefits of green plumbing are that the installation does not cause effects to the environment that other types of piping installation possibly does. The piping is made from cross linked polyethylene and is used for potable hot and cold water, gas piping both natural gas and LPG and compressed air systems.
This is a type of plumbing that can be used anywhere in the world, although for the larger piping there are battery and electrically operated tools to do the connection of the pipes if these are required. Other benefits of green plumbing are that it only requires a brass crimp fitting and a hand crimping tool to do the application. With the different sized pipes it does require a different head for the tool so that it will fit when doing the job, but the same brass crimp fitting can be used on any sized pipe.

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Also other benefits of green plumbing are the fact that it is much more cost effective than other types of plumbing. Being quicker and easier to install than many other types of plumbing materials, this can be an area of cost saving as well. It is a lightweight material which bends easily around corners although the use of a spring on larger pipe or any that has to be bent around in a tight radius is recommended. It can be buried in the ground and put under buildings, as long as it is in one length with joins kept to a minimum. It is also able to be repaired quickly and easily where a breakage may occur or completely replaced at a reasonable cost if damage is severe.

This product is color coded for use in different circumstances, red for hot water, blue for cold water and yellow for gas. It is also much cheaper than copper piping and has the benefit of being able to be attached to copper pipe when the need arises. Another one of the benefits of green plumbing is that it also addresses some of the occupational health and safety issues of this industry. It does however require a licensed plumber to do the installation. If you are looking for green plumbers look no further than InlandCalPlumbing they service Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario, Pomona, Riverside, Yucaipa, and more California cities.

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